I'm Francisco, but call me sisco.
I'm the man of the hour, too sweet to be sour. What you see is what you get, and what you don't is better yet.
I may seem like a hard ass, but i'm genuinely a nice guy. So talk to me!


I’m sorry I ever responded, but I saw that smile and I got hooked. I’m sorry I told you my name, but I just had to know yours. I looked in to your eyes and knew I would never be the same. I’m sorry I became “Sunshine”, I always knew I’d become a morning person. I’m sorry you became “babe”, it just sounded as good as your five letter name rolling off my tongue when I whisper it in to the night. I’m sorry this damn storm outside my window makes me miss you. But the gloomy afternoons kill me just as bad. I’m sorry your red hair destroys me, because it reminds me of the burning fire in the pit of my stomach when I break down. I’m sorry i’ll never look at the stars in the sky the same again, it’s just that they remind me of the freckles on you’re face that I never got to kiss. I’m sorry that from now on I’ll have a parachute on me at all times, I just can’t afford to fall for someone this damn fast again. I’m sorry I tore down my wall so fast, I figured you were te perfect person to let through. Next time, I’ll take it down block by block. I’m sorry I’ll never look at another girl through clear eyes, I’m probably going to compare them to you. I’m so sorry the tears falling on this page are smearing the ink. I’m sorry I was only your ‘for now’ and couldn’t be your ‘forever’. But most importantly….. I’m sorry I don’t regret any of these things.

Sisco. (I’m Sorry..)


You can tell a lot about someone by the music they listen to. Hit shuffle on your Ipod / Iphone / Itunes /Media player and write down the first 10 songs. then pass this onto 10 people.

I was nominated by ohheyyyitsanal & the-dude-sisco.

1. muther-letlive.
2. stay high-tove lo
3. shot me down-david guetta
4. dreams-wet
5. torn-natalie imbruglia
6. sasha-turnover
7. need i remind you-major league
8. don’t wanna be your girl-wet
9. we own the sky-m83
10. animal-miike snow

I pick samburgerlovestitties, resistmuchobeylittleee, robotfucked, sadistic—glitter, t0kah0ntas, thatscottishguymitch, rissahi, lonelyeyes-x, ali-jw, sad-nena

I like clingy girls


I like when they text me good morning or call me. Check up on me all the time. I actually don’t find that annoying. I don’t get how you couldn’t like that. Someone constantly wanting to talk to you and show you affection. I love it when someone does that. That keeps me happy and it will keep me from leaving. It shows that you are thinking about me.



  1. when someone posts a selfie, LIKE IT/COMMENT (especially if it has no notes)
  2. if someone says they’re sad, message them (on/off anon) just a simple “r u ok? i care about you” can mean so much
  3. dont be a shitty person
  4. never send hate
  5. if there’s a caption, self promo UNDER
  6. send anons when someone asks
  7. be nice


how to tell i am comfortable talking to you:

  • i say things that make zero sense
  • i say the random things that come to mind
  • i act like a complete idiot when talking to you
  • i use dumb emoticons 

(Source: aphprussia)

bae: come over

me: do you have food

bae: my parents aren't home

me: are they coming back with food

Anonymous asked
Do you send nuddess?


Only to our lord Jesus


We ain’t gotta make up, just kiss me. We can straight up blame it on the whiskey. You ain’t gotta wake up and miss me, no I hope you get lonely tonight. 🎧

It a horrible feeling when you know you can give someone everything you have and make them the happiest person ever, but they don’t have feelings for you.